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Once again I was called in to help a homeowner with their lighting problems. I can’t tell you how many single family homes and condos I have been to that have basically no architectural (built-in) lighting to speak of.

This particular condo (located in a very good part of town) was fairly new (10 years old or so) and seemed to be well-built in other respects. The exterior architecture was interesting enough, and the community was laid out nicely and was landscaped well.

As you can see from the photo, the ceilings in this open floor plan space were high (approximately 13 ft high) and vaulted. The builder’s idea of appropriate lighting for the dining room was a 2 head track light placed way too close to the wall that simply illuminated the wall space and provided no real light for the dining experience. The kitchen was given an amazingly ugly fluorescent light that certainly wouldn’t inspire anyone to want to get creative in the kitchen.

We will be replacing these fixtures with flexible track lighting in both spaces – giving it a modern feeling and offering plenty of illumination.

Original lighting